How could Our Services Help You?

Our Strategy

Our in-store sales and promotions  campaigns are specially designed to connect with your target consumers. Our lively and knowledgeable sales representatives will be on hand to not only deliver exceptional service, but to personalise the brand experience and drive greater customer engagement.

At Felix Young we not only increase sales, we offer customers an opportunity to become immersed in your brand and form stronger emotional connections with your core message. Our retail and sales events can help your brand achieve improved loyalty and make a bigger impact on the market.

Retail and Sales Events

We meet with consumers in leading retail arenas and public venues – setting up engaging retail sites and integrated service desks that attract the right attention to your brand. Through these sales events we are able to interact with your consumers one on one and gain a better understanding of their needs and values. This vital information allows us to tailor each customer’s experience so that it is unique to them, which drives brand loyalty and helps them to make more confident and informed purchase decisions.

Market Diversity

While more traditional mass marketing techniques have the potential to reach a diverse audience, the connections gained through these mediums are often significantly weak. Retail sales and promotional events can be implemented in almost any location – widening the demographic and allowing brands to branch out and take advantage of a more varied audience.

Felix Young will work with you to locate the best demographics for your brand and create the most effective strategies for forming long-lasting connections with these new consumer groups.


At Felix Young we believe every Retail sales and promotional campaign has an opportunity to create a memorable experience for your customers. We do this by putting the customer at the heart of what we do and offering a neutral platform for them to share their thoughts and concerns. This allows our sales representatives to build an in-depth profile of each customer’s needs and deliver an engaging service which delivers the results they desire.