Felix Young Share January Growth Plans
Jan / 10

Felix Young Share January Growth Plans

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After exploding into the industry last year, sales and marketing firm Felix Young is showing no sign of slowing down the pace, and have just released their plans for the coming few weeks.

With headquarters in the heart of Melbourne, Felix Young is a direct marketing agency that supports client growth by offering a niche and efficient form of personalised marketing. The firm believes that when it comes to securing long-term customer relationships and driving consistently high sales, brands need to reach out to their audience directly and focus on engaging with customers in person. As such the firm offers a range of interactive in-person marketing solutions, and on behalf of their clients’ brands, meet with consumers face to face through targeted and personalised communications. These interactions not only deliver a unique and memorable brand experience to customers but also encourage greater brand loyalty and raise a considerably higher ROI than more traditional marketing approaches.

2016 has seen Felix Young explode onto the sales and marketing scene, and secure their place as one of Australia’s most exciting and innovative sales and marketing start-ups. This has only been further supported by the firm’s efforts throughout the final quarter of 2016 to stay at the forefront of the industry and ensure their services were responding positivity to the constant changes in consumers’ behaviour and market trends. The firm did this by committing to regular networking within the industry, and travelling internationally to work alongside some of the world’s most experienced sales and marketing entrepreneurs. These experiences helped the firm to access valuable insights and continually evolve new strategies to keep them on top of their game.

Felix Young has confirmed that for 2017, the firm will be picking up the pace even further and have already started work on the next stage of their company growth plan. In the last few weeks of December, Felix Young increased their management force, ready to take on the New Year and start 2017 in a strong position. The firm has also confirmed that they are preparing to launch ten more sales events for their clients in January, taking their clients brands to more markets than ever before.

This increase in sales events is guaranteed to generate a stronger market presence for Felix Young’s clients and introduce their brands to a much wider demographic. This increased exposure is set to drive sales and help their clients to achieve a consistent ROI which will support their own 2017 growth plans.

Felix Young is excited to get started on these new sales campaigns and take their first steps into new Australian markets. With this being only the beginning of what is set to be an eventful year for the firm, Felix Young is keen to hear from those interested in joining them on their journey of growth and development.

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